What do people say about our workshops?

Feedback is extremely important to us. It helps us understand what our clientele benefit from and also where we can look at offering something different or more of. Therefore, we like to provide you with the chance to give us written feedback in our workshop endings. This includes providing us with your thoughts, an option for a 1-5star review and the option to provide your name or remain anonymous if you wish. Here's what you all thought;

"I felt comfortable sharing my feelings and the meditation was lovely. 2 lovely ladies. Good, felt really listened to"


"I felt very comforable and safe in this environment and being able to to be open and honest about my feelings in confidence. A very interesting and useful session, thankyou both ladies" 

"I felt safe in the group and happy to open up... the meditation at the end was great"



"Was good to connect fully... and talk openly"


"I found it helpful to share feelings and experiences. The session will encourage me to challenge my thoughts and reactions to situations" 


"Todays session was fantastic and uplifting"


"Found it really interesting. I would like to do more workshops to learn more"


"Group environment was safe to share, listen to others experience and learn from trainers and other peoples experience. Mind-opening and thought-provoking. Very relaxed finish. Real and practical - not jargonistic" 


What do people say about our counselling services?

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