Renowned for its general spiritual energy, this crystal emits an airy and light energy not unlike that of a snowflake. Using a snowflake obsidian can help you bring balance to your mind and body and offer you a guiding light through darkness. Drawing its energies directly from the earth, as it comes from the explosive remains of fast cooling lava following a volcanic eruption. Lava has long been considered a rebirth stone, closely linked with shedding any negative energies surrounding emotional attachment. Any repressed negative energies attached to a failure to accept your emotional state and causing you spiritual unrest, a snowflake of obsidian can help you recognize and deal with these emotions. Just like lava this emotional release may be explosive and hot at first, but once you learn to deal with it, will cool down forming a solid foundation. This Foundation was fills you with newfound calm and tranquillity, providing you with the ability to start afresh.



Crystal Size: 20-25mm

Quantity: 1 pc


Important Information

Please Note: Every crystal is a unique piece, therefore the size, shape and colour will vary. Sizes are approximate due to this crystal being naturally sourced from earth.


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Healing Crystal; Snowflake Obsidian