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 About Our Services

Here at Beyoutiful Reflections, the aim is to strive for growth with weapons of compassion, kindness, grit, positivity and empowerment. Attitude is everything!

Everything that is offered within the service here is centred on these values.

Beyoutiful Reflections proudly bases the majority of its service on Positive Psychological concepts. In short, Positive Psychology is a scientific approach to human thoughts, feelings and behaviors which focuses on strengths and virtues as opposed to what we often label weaknesses. This approach to Psychology encourages individuals to thrive and has been described by its founder, Martin Seligman, as 'human flourishing'. 


Beyoutiful Reflections services include;

  •  Integrative and Person-Centred Counselling 

  • Wellbeing Workshops (workshops such as utilizing mindfulness, building confidence, strengthening resiliency and more)

  • Toolkit (these various toolkits will guide you with areas such as gratitude, managing stress and more)

 Counselling Sessions

Counselling is offered to anybody who requires it as a form of short term or long term talk therapy, in order to enhance wellbeing. Beyoutiful Reflections offers counselling from person-centred and integrative approaches, meaning the therapist will work in collaboration with you to find solutions to your issues as opposed to the counsellor directing the therapy.

Counselling is delivered in modalities such as face to face and remotely via telephone and online counselling. Sessions are up to 1hour long and can be offered on days or evenings, to best fit with your lifestyle, subject to availability.

The number of sessions can vary individually. Where some clients may require 8-10 sessions, some may only require few. Others may require a longer term, yet in all circumstances this will always be your decision and this can be discussed further, if needed.

Finally, to be clear, all sessions and information shared is strictly confidential. Further details surrounding confidentiality and professional conduct will be fully and clearly explained in your first counselling session and will also be stated in the therapy contract.

Besides this, 1 in 6 people in England report experiencing feelings of anxiety or depression every week. Across the UK, 1 in 4 are experiencing mental health issues each year. Counselling is a form of talk therapy that can assist with relieving these issues. If you find yourself having troublesome and continuous feelings of anxiety, low mood, stress or just feel overwhelmed, counselling may be an option you would like to consider. Talking openly about your feelings and experiences and exploring ways of better coping can enhance your wellbeing. For some, making that first step to talk honestly about their issues is the biggest. Beyoutiful Reflections will provide a relaxed, safe and non-judgmental space for you to make that first step and seek the support you need. If you feel your ready to make that first big step, contact Beyoutiful Reflections today.

If you are considering seeking some counselling, Beyoutiful Reflections welcomes you. As mentioned previously, there will some formalities that need discussing such as your requirements for therapy. Therefore, Beyoutiful Reflections asks that you contact us directly to discuss what will best suit you. By communicating this way, you can be given relevant information about what can be offered to you, giving you the power and control to decide whether Beyoutiful Reflections is the right service for you. Please use the details below to contact Beyoutiful Reflections today.

Wellbeing Workshop Details

Beyoutiful Reflections deeply believes in the value of self-care and personal growth. In order to nurture these areas and achieve our business aim, Beyoutiful Reflections offers a programme of workshops, which are inclusive and open to all. Wellbeing workshop events are delivered in groups and are accessible via the website or our social media page.

Workshop events will each be based on an area of Positive Psychology or simply use Positive Psychological techniques. These will range from topics such as strengthening resilience, building confidence, utilising mindfulness, self-compassion and more.

Again, workshops are subject to availability and only run as events so please follow our website and social media platforms if you don't want to miss out. With no pressure to book yourself onto a workshop event, if you would like to contact Beyoutiful Reflections with any enquiries please do not hesitate to do so.


There are currently no Wellbeing Workshops scheduled

Beyoutiful Reflections have made resources such as various toolkits easily accessible for you, to enhance your wellbeing on your own terms. As recognized, Beyoutiful Reflections is passionate about providing support for all who need it. However, support is not a 'one size fits all' movement and therefore providing support in various ways is essential. Here at Beyoutiful Reflections, toolkits have been made accessible for those who prefer to have resources at home, guiding and instructing individuals on how to use these self-care techniques. 

Whether you are simply exploring techniques of self-care or you have an organised plan to better your wellbeing, these toolkits can help you achieve your goals. Toolkits are centred on topics such as mindfulness, the law of attraction, gratitude, resilience and more. Each provides a range of practical activities, tools and techniques to enable you to achieve and maintain wellness. 

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